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Enter the Confrontation Giveaway and win prizes! - July 21st, 2014

Enter the Confrontation Giveaway !

Win a pro-painted Vintage miniature from Confrontation, Aarklash : Legacy activation codes, a Confrontation video game and cyans packs for Dogs of War Online!

To enter, you just have to follow the giveaway link and like the Dogs of War Online Facebook page.
Try your luck and win awesome prizes!

Click here to enter >>

You have untill the 31/07/14 to enter this Giveaway.

Prizes :
- 1 x A vintage Confrontation pro painted miniature straight from the vault of Rakam + a Confrontation video game + an Aarklash : Legacy activation code + 1000 cyans for Dogs of War Online.

- 10 x An Aarklash : Legacy actication code + 500 cyans for Dogs of War Online

- 10 x 250 Cyans for Dogs of War Online

The rewards will be randomly drawn among the participants.

Tell all your friends about it !
If we reach 25 000 entries in the Giveaway we’ll add another pro painted miniature from our own secret stash as a bonus prize.

Good luck!

Free Tactician Packs Giveaway! - July 8th, 2014

Your company needs more ressources to crush its ennemies ?
Get the Tactician Pack for Dogs of War Online !
This free pack gives you :
20 000 Ducats, 12 random Paintings to customize your units and 3 renow booster to unlock your troops faster!

You can get these exclusive free Packs on three websites:

gameitems :
MMOBomb :
MMO-Play :

You can only get one pack by account.
The number of packs is limited, get yours before it’s too late!

Patch 0.13.01 : changelog - June 24th, 2014

We read your feedback and this patch will fix most of the issue following the release of version 0.13.00 and the new Confrontation mode. Among many other things, we reduced the frequency of killed outright (see below), reduced the max number of units of the same type on the field, changed the number of Elixir won when killing the enemy champion to 3 and tweaked the Elixir orb spawning rules.

Click here to check the following changelog for more details on all the changes

Update 0.13.00 : Meet the champions! - June 18th, 2014

A new game mode, 54 new units, no more injuries, no more grinding to level up your units, all troops much cheaper than before and nine champions to lead your company to victory.
Discover all this and much more in Dogs of War Online Latest update.

Click here for all the details.

Change is coming.. - June 3rd, 2014

Dogs of war Online is going to get a major update.
Change is coming soon, you can have a look at some of the features that are being reworked here

Steam cards available on Dogs Of War Online! - May 16th, 2014

Hey there,

Two great news at the same time !
You can now unlock 6 steam cards, 6 badges, 5 backgrounds and 5 emoticons with Dogs of War Online.

To make things even better, we’re cutting the prices of all regular units in half… for all their levels ! Here’s the complete list of discounted units :
Sparkling of Light
Swordsman of Alahan
Bownman of Alahan
Skeleton Warrior
Skeleton Bowman
Fang Warrior
Wolfen with Crossbow

Have fun!

Patch 0.12.12 is live! - April 30th, 2014

The new patch 0.12.12 is now Online!
Among other things, you can note improvements in the matchmaking research, the lobby and the new Tie breaker to prevent draw in Deathmatch
Each AP and health point remaining count to deserve the victory!

check the changelog: here
or jump into battle to try the new updates!

-20% on the Gargoyle, the Lion of War and the Wolfen Hunter - April 17th, 2014

The special offers are on the assault units, fast assassins with an high strategical potential :
the Gargoyle for Acheron,
the Lion of War for Alahan,
and the Wolfen Hunter for the Children of Yllia.

Buy these units with a -20% discount to optimize your company and make your opponents bite the dust !

The patch 0.12.11 is live ! - April 10th, 2014

The new patch is live !
Many changes and among them the long awaited abilty to respec your units. Discover our new item : the Oblivion Shard.
Some balancing updates and lots of fixes, come and try the patch now !

Check the changelog :